Dental Implants for Those in Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales & Neighboring Areas

dental implantsYoung children and adults react completely different when it comes to losing a tooth. Kids are ecstatic to go to school and show off their missing tooth. Adults, on the other hand, often panic when they lose a tooth from an injury or decay. Fortunately, dentistry has advanced in recent years and missing teeth can now be replaced by dental appliances including dental implants, bridges and dentures.

Walding and Associates is the local dental clinic you can trust to fill in gaps left by missing teeth. With quality dental implants, you will feel more confident and be ready to smile again. Walding and Associates is the dental clinic that has been providing patients with exceptional dental services for over a decade. Our services include general dentistry, family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more.

Our experienced and skilled dentists and doctors at Walding and Associates often recommend dental implant procedures for replacing one or more teeth. A consultation is usually required for new patients in order for the dentist to determine whether conventional dental implants or mini-implants will provide the best result. Mini dental implants are ideal for replacing incisors and other small teeth.

Implants can provide patients with the following benefits and more:

  • A more permanent solution than bridges or dentures
  • Similar appearance to natural teeth
  • Durable and often last a lifetime
  • Easy access to other teeth for good oral hygiene practices
  • Eating, speaking and sleeping is the same as with natural teeth
  • Improve appearance and self-confidence

Dental implants often require several appointments. We offer sedation dentistry to patients undergoing dental implant procedures and other treatment at our dental clinic. Our dentists and staff are very caring at Walding and Associates and always explain procedures and answers questions in detail. Our office location and hours are very convenient for residents living and working in Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales and neighboring areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your particular situation and receive a recommendation for the best dental procedure to replace one or more of your missing teeth.

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