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If you think that dentistry for children isn’t necessary, think again. It’s actually just as essential for kids as it is for adults. Not only is one in every five children between the ages of five and 11 living with one or more untreated cavities, but one out of every six teenagers between the ages of 12 and 19 are walking around with at least one decayed tooth. This is a serious problem because untreated cavities cause dental pain, lead to major infections, and disrupt speech and eating. But your child can avoid developing cavities with regular visits to a pediatric dentist.

A pediatric dentist specializes in kids’ dental care. On top of a dental degree, these dental professionals have an extra two years of training in the diagnosis and treatment of children from the ages of one to 18. The pediatric dentists at our practice possess the knowledge, skills, compassion, and gentle touch that children need to feel comfortable throughout their dental care visits.

Once you realize the need for regular dentistry for kids, you’ll probably want to know, “Is there a pediatric dentist near me?” Luckily, there’s an experienced pediatric dentist waiting to see your child at our local family dental office. We offer a full range of dental services for children to protect, restore, and maintain your child’s oral health.

Are You Trying to Find a Kids’ Dentist for Teeth Cleanings?

At our pediatric dental practice, you’ll find a team of dentists and hygienists you can trust who will gently and thoroughly clean your child’s teeth to remove the plaque that’s built up over time. Plaque is a coating of sticky bacteria that collects on your child’s each time they eat or drink. Without regular brushing, flossing, and professional teeth cleanings to remove this built-up plaque, it will harden into tartar and calculus, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Does Topical Fluoride Fight Cavities?

According to a number of dental studies, topical fluoride is a natural cavity-fighter because it strengthens the tooth’s outer coating of enamel, which makes teeth more resistant to decay. Our dentists regularly use topical fluoride to protect children’s teeth from cavities.

Will Dental Sealants Provide Protection from Tooth Decay?

Yes. Dental sealants are thin layers of a special plastic resin that are applied over the chewing surfaces of children’s back teeth to stop food particles and bacteria from becoming trapped within their deep crevices and leading to cavities. The application of dental sealants is a fast and painless procedure that offers years of cavity protection. In fact, dental experts say that teeth with dental sealants have a much lower chance of being affected by tooth decay. Please call our office to schedule a private consultation or an appointment for dental sealants for your child.

Why Would Your Child Need a Filling?

Dental fillings have been used to repair teeth with cavities for many years and continue to be a popular treatment. If your child has a cavity, our children’s dentist will typically use a filling to painlessly restore the decayed tooth and return it to full function.

Will Tooth Bonding Restore a Damaged Tooth?

When a child fractures or chips a tooth, it affects their appearance, comfort, and dental function. But with dental bonding, our dentists can easily restore a damaged tooth in a natural-looking way.

Can a Decayed or Damaged Tooth Be Saved with a Root Canal?

Absolutely. Root canals are recommended when a child’s tooth has been badly damaged, injured, decayed. While the procedure is often referred to as a “baby root canal,” its formal name is a pulpectomy and it allows our dentist to remove all of the unhealthy pulp deep within the damaged tooth. If only the upper area of pulp is removed due to damage, the procedure is called a pulpotomy. Our dentists place a pediatric crown over the treated tooth for protection after both types of procedures.

When Is a Pediatric Crown Used on Children’s Teeth?

Our dentists recommend tooth-colored pediatric crowns if your child has fractured or cracked a tooth so severely that it needs more than a filling for full repair and protection. Pediatric crowns are also used after root canal procedures on both baby and permanent teeth. Since our dentists prefer not to extract baby teeth unless they’re on the verge of falling out, we use pediatric crowns to preserve damaged baby teeth while providing the protection they need.

Why Would Your Child Need a Space Maintainer?

Space maintainers are typically used to ensure that a child with damaged, decayed, or missing teeth has enough space in their mouth for their permanent teeth to emerge correctly. Sometimes, they are suggested to provide a child with pre-orthodontic dental treatment. If you would like additional information about space maintainers, give our office a call today.

How Do Athletic and Active Children Benefit from Mouthguards?

When kids play sports or engage in other physical activities, it increases the chance that they will experience an injury that causes some sort of dental damage. But according to the American Dental Association, mouthguards can provide active kids with extra dental protection during play. Parents can find generic mouthguards at most sporting goods stores, yet these may not be comfortable or provide sufficient protection. But you can trust our dentists to create a custom-made mouthguard for your child that will fit them perfectly and protect their teeth completely. In case your child doesn’t want to wear a mouthguard, remind them that losing a tooth after an injury would be much more upsetting and painful.

Is Your Child in Need of Emergency Dental Care?

It can be scary if your child suddenly loses a tooth, suffers dental damage, or has some other dental emergency. You may start frantically worrying,  “Isn’t there a children’s dentist near me that accepts dental emergencies?” Luckily, you can find a pediatric dentist that’s able to help by calling our local dental office.

You can trust our family dental practice for professional, gentle dentistry for children. Please call our office today to arrange an appointment for your child.

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