Partial Dentures for Those in Winter Haven, Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales, Lakeland Highlands & Surrounding Regions

partial dentures It’s time to boost your confidence and smile again with dental solutions from Walding and Associates.  We have dental products and treatments such as full and partial dentures, bridges and dental implants, which can improve your appearance and help resolve any speech or eating difficulties you are experiencing due to one or more missing teeth.

Regular dental exams and treatments at Walding and Associates can help keep teeth heathy and prevent the need for extensive treatments. While we are often able to use a dental crown to protect a broken or badly decayed tooth, a crown can’t be used in all situations. When extensive decay leaves the remaining tooth structure too small, our dentists must then turn to other alternatives. Implants and bridges are usually the best replacement options for one to two missing teeth, and partial dentures can be used for situations requiring the replacement of multiple teeth on one or both sides of the mouth.

When you come to us for partial dentures, you can expect to receive the following and more:

  • Oral exam and x-rays
  • Dental impressions and bite record
  • Placement of a dental crown on one or more teeth adjacent to the denture
  • Design and development of your partial dentures
  • Partial denture fitting and adjustments

While it may take a bit of time to get used to your partial dentures after the fitting, we advise our patients that the end result will be worth it. You can rest assured that your dentures will fit properly, and you can always count on your dentist and rest of the staff at Walding and Associates to provide you with tips and advice to help make your adjustment to dentures faster and easier. In a short time, you will begin to experience a great improvement in confidence and be able to enjoy simple pleasures again. If you live in Winter Haven, Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales, Lakeland Highlands or the surrounding regions, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment for a dental crown, bridge, partial denture or other teeth replacement procedures.

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