Root Canal Treatment for Those in Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales, Lakeland Highlands, Plant City & Neighboring Cities

root canal treatment Everyone dreads the thought of root canal treatment. In fact, statistics reveal that it is the treatment that dental patients fear most. Our dental staff at Walding and Associates realizes that even patients who are normally relaxed for teeth cleaning and other routine dental services are often more stressed when they are waiting for a root canal procedure. In reality, patients experience little or no discomfort when our dentists perform root canal procedures.

The dental team at Walding and Associates recommends root canal treatment when the pulp inside a tooth is diseased or inflamed. It is often necessary to remove a tooth if treatment isn’t performed in a timely manner because bacteria often damages the bone under the tooth. There are various causes for dental pulp infection such as:

  • A cavity in the affected tooth.
  • The tooth is partially broken.
  • The tooth has a crack.
  • The tooth has sustained an injury.
  • Several previous dental procedures and/or treatments have been completed on the tooth.

Unfortunately, root canal procedures usually require two or more visits to Walding and Associates. The first visit includes numbing the tooth area and removing the nerve or pulp from the root canal and pulp chamber. Your dentist then cleans and shapes the root canals and inserts medicine in the chamber and canals. Next, the dentist seals the canals and applies a temporary filling. During the next visit, your dentist will apply a permanent filling or crown to protect and strengthen the tooth.

Many people mistakenly believe that a root canal treatment prevents cavities from forming in the tooth. However, the best steps patients from Auburndale, Crystal Lake, Lake Wales, Lakeland Highlands, Plant City and the neighboring cities can take to prevent cavities and other dental issues is by practicing good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing teeth twice a day and having a professional teeth cleaning by the dental hygienists at Walding and Associates every 6 months. Contact one of our friendly and courteous dental associates today and schedule an appointment for an exam, teeth cleaning or any other oral health treatment or procedure.

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