Abscess Tooth for Those in Winter Haven, Bartow, Lake Wales, Haines City & Surrounding Areas

Abscess Tooth Are you exhibiting signs of an abscess tooth? The most common symptoms are severe tooth pain, bad breath and, in some cases, a fever. An abscess tooth is a tooth with an infection that has caused pus to develop inside the tooth or between the root and gums. They can occur for a number of reasons, but they are typically a result of a broken or cracked tooth or an untreated cavity.

It is possible for an abscess tooth to be treated with antibiotics, but it can often require a root canal or even an extraction. We know how debilitating extreme tooth pain can be. That is why, at Walding and Associates Family Dentistry, we offer all of the services you could need before, during and after your treatment.

Why is Walding and Associates the best choice for your dental treatment?

  • Our treatment options are some of the most advanced in the world and include laser dentistry options and more. A root canal using laser technology is significantly less painful and invasive, and requires less time to complete and recover.
  • If the tooth is too damaged and needs to be extracted, we can provide exceptional tooth implants that look natural and help prevent loss of bone mass in the jaw over time.
  • We are a family dentistry practice and make a visit to our offices as easy as possible for everyone, including children of all ages.

Whether you have an abscess tooth or any other need for a general family dentistry, we are the place for you. Don’t let tooth pain control your life, contact us today. We are proud to offer all of our high-quality services to those in Winter Haven, Bartow, Lake Wales, Haines City and surrounding areas.

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