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Childrens Dentist We know that taking kids to the dentist can be a painful experience, both literally and figuratively. Walding and Associates is an experienced and advanced childrens dentist in Central Florida. A good childrens dentist will have the skills to help put your child at ease before they get in the chair, and if your child needs a dental filling or any other procedure that may cause significant discomfort, we are ready to gently and professionally administer any local anesthetic we might need to help them through it.

Walding and Associates is more than a childrens dentist. We offer dozens of general dentistry services other than children’s dentistry or a simple dental filling. We are the premier choice for the entire family for a wide variety of reasons, which include:

If you need an experienced childrens dentist, a dental filling or Teeth whitening, Walding and Associates does it all. Contact us today to see why we have been the choice of local families through generations. We are proud to bring those in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Bartow, Mulberry, Haines City, and the surrounding areas our high-quality services.

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