Dental Bridge For Patients In Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry & Nearby Areas 

dental bridgeTeeth can fall out for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes they fall out as we age and lose bone density. Other times they fall out because of an injury or even an illness. If you are struggling with missing teeth, a dental bridge offers a semi-permanent solution to preserve the health and function of your mouth.

A dental bridge is just what its name implies — a bridge between two missing teeth. A bridge begins with two dental crowns on the teeth immediately next to the gap. These dental crowns serve as the anchor to the bridge. Connected to them is a false tooth which can be made of porcelain, a metal alloy and even gold. Because it is anchored to natural teeth or dental implants, depending on your current oral health, a bridge is a stable way to replace a missing tooth.

Benefits of dental bridge, you will be able to:

  • Chew and speak properly
  • Keep your face shape intact 
  • Restore a normal look to your smile
  • Prevent movement of your remaining teeth
  • Keep your bite healthy and even

Without a bridge, the missing tooth will change the look and feel of your teeth and bite significantly. If you have a missing tooth, a dental bridge is an easy and effective way to take care of the problem. Contact Walding and Associates to schedule your appointment today, before your teeth have a chance to start shifting. Located on Florida Ave and the Polk Parkway, convenient for those in Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow and surrounding areas. 

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