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dental crownA dental crown is often placed on a molar or bicuspid due to the tooth’s fragile condition. It might have a root canal or simply have such a large restoration that the surrounding enamel isn’t considered strong enough to hold the molar together. A dental crown of either gold, porcelain or both is applied to the weakened molar, completely encasing it with protection that is stronger than the original tooth was before receiving dental treatment.

Dr. Trey Walding, of Walding and Associates, family dentist, has the expertise and professional skill to provide his patients with:

He performs these services without the patient experiencing great pain or accompanying high costs. His Lakeland, Florida patients are vocal about his caring manner and consideration of his individual patient’s needs. Dr. Walding uses state of the art dentistry to guarantee his patients their best dental appearance and attractive smiles. It is his philosophy as a family dentist that every person today deserves to have strong healthy teeth with a bright attractive smile.

The best care to give your teeth is preventive care. Regular visits for exams and dental cleaning by Dr. Walding can assure you that you will not encounter dental problems which are major or costly. He will work with you to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy, and if problems develop, he will apply the appropriate dental care without delay.

Contact us today and begin acquiring and protecting the smile you have always wanted. Walding and Associates is located in South Lakeland proudly serving those in Lakeland, Bartow and Mulberry areas.

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