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Dental PracticeEveryone has a busy schedule these days. Things can get really hectic when your family members have appointments with different dentists or don’t know which dental practice to contact in an emergency. Do you have a family dentist who can handle a variety of dental services? More than 46% of Americans don’t have a general dentist. Walding and Associates offers a wide range of dental services from routine cleaning to emergency dentist services and from dental implants to facial esthetics. 

Choosing a family dentist is one-stop shopping designed to provide you with courteous, friendly service and a respect for your time and comfort. You and your family members can relax, knowing that the dentist treating you can provide a variety of services:

  • Regular checkups, cleanings, X-rays and other preventive care
  • Restorative work such as fillings
  • Cosmetic services like whitening, straightening and porcelain veneers
  • Crowns and root canals
  • Dentures and dental implants

When you visit our dental practice, you can expect to benefit from state-of-the art technology. Each dentist in our dental practice is highly trained in a full range of services, including a complete makeover. Your well-being and satisfaction are always our top priorities. Your whole family deserves kind, professional care that makes you feel comfortable at every appointment and looking and feeling your best afterward. Our dental practice is happy to answer all your questions and design a treatment plan that meets your needs and your schedule.

Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our cosmetic services our dental practice offers to help keep your family’s smiles bright and healthy. Seeing our dentist could change your life.

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