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dentistMissing teeth can cause a multitude of issues, both physical and emotional. Unfortunately, people regularly lose teeth to things like accidents, illnesses, certain medications, decay, and other common occurrences. When space is open from a missing tooth, the remaining teeth shift positions. This shifting causes crooked teeth that add to self-consciousness and chewing problems, requiring a dentist to fix these issues. People who are missing teeth smile less often or otherwise hide their smiles. They may rarely laugh or even talk in social settings because they worry about what others may be thinking. When they visit a dentist, the biggest question they ask is if something can be done to return their smiles. The answer is YES!

Our dentist wants you to have confidence in your smile, so we offer several options in our dentist office. Smile restoration services include:

Why Dental Implants

The best dental implants help fill the space left by a missing tooth. These are the most natural looking of the options available to your dentist, as they can be molded and colored to match your remaining teeth very closely. The procedure used allows the tooth to stay in place, and it can last a lifetime if cared for properly. A dentist will likely recommend dental implants if you only have one missing tooth or several missing teeth that are scattered throughout your mouth.

How an Implant Is Inserted

Simply put, a dental implant is a replacement for the root of the missing tooth. Your dentist will insert a metal cylinder beneath the gum line. Once it is in place, the dentist molds a tooth to resemble the look of your surrounding teeth, and this tooth is screwed into the implanted cylinder. In time, the gums grow naturally around the implant, making it appear even more natural.

If you have questions or concerns about your missing teeth and are looking for a source of the best dental implants in Lakeland, Bartow, Crystal Lake, Plant City, Lake Wales, or the surrounding areas, Walding & Associates is the dentist to see. Contact us today to discuss your smile makeover!

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