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gum diseaseGum Disease is a disorder also called gingivitis or periodontal disease. It’s an infection that occurs in tissues surrounding and supporting your teeth. In the early stages, it’s typically painless, so you might be unaware that you have it. However, periodontists say that among adults, it’s the top cause of tooth loss.

Some factors boost the risk of gum disease including tobacco use, family history, sub-par oral hygiene, being pregnant, having treatment diabetes info and taking certain medications. When you have gum disease, you are likely to experience bleeding gums that are also tender and swollen. They might have pulled away from one or more teeth. Bad breath or a continual bad taste in your mouth is common. Other warning signs of gum disease include teeth that appear loose or that are separating and changes in the way your teeth align when biting, periodontists advise. 

Early treatment is important. Periodontists are specially trained dentists who treat gum disease can help you with:

  • Brushing information: frequency, toothpaste, type of toothbrush
  • Techniques to clean between teeth
  • Nutritional recommendations to minimize risk
  • Regular cleanings and exams
  • Scaling and root planning to treat gum disease

Walding and Associates have more than 15 years of experience and are trained in all types of dental services. You can depend on their skills as periodontists to help keep your mouth healthy and to provide topnotch treatment for patients who have developed gum disease in Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry, Winter Haven and surrounding Areas. Contact us today to learn more about gum disease treatment or schedule your appointment. 

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