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Implant Dentists  Dental implants are a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth. These implants have numerous benefits over traditional tooth replacement options. Artificial tooth roots are placed by experienced implant dentists to prevent bone loss that occurs with missing teeth and to restore an aesthetically-pleasing smile. Talk to your dentist to determine if you may be a good candidate for this procedure.

There are two primary types of dental implants used by implant dentists. Endosteal is the most commonly used type that involves the placement of various screws and cylinders surgically inserted into the jaw. Subperiosteal implants are inserted through the top of the jaw using metal framework posts that protrude through the gum. This second option is generally used for individuals who have minimal bone height.

Dental implants may be right for you if you have:

  • One or more missing teeth
  • Healthy oral tissues
  • Problems with wearing dentures
  • Adequate bone to secure implants
  • A fully-developed jaw bone

When placed by qualified periodontist, implants have a 98% success rate. The procedure can be completed at your dentist office but can take up to nine months to complete. Once the posts are surgically inserted, it can take up to 6 months for the area to heal and an additional two months to fit the replacement teeth. If an individual has great bone quality, posts and replacement teeth may be fitted in a single appointment.

If you are interested in transforming your smile, talk to the Lakeland expert implant dentist at Walding and Associates, our team of dental professionals aims to provide you with state-of-the-art dental services at our modern dentist office. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit. Walding and Associates is proud to serve those in Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow, Winter Haven and surrounding communities.

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