Dental Inlays And Onlays From Your Trusted Lakeland Dentist 

inlays and  onlaysDental procedures don’t have to be confusing or frightening. Walding and Associates strives to explain basic procedures ahead of time so that patients feel more comfortable with their options and are partners in their oral care. One thing that comes to mind as a service that often causes confusion in dental planning is the difference between inlays and onlays. 

Have you ever been confused about the difference between a dental inlays and onlays? They behave in a similar manner in that they both protect your teeth and help them to function effectively when chewing food, however, their placement is where the difference lies. A dental inlay is similar to a filling — it fixes teeth that are too sensitive to sustain a traditional filling. Made from a mold of your tooth, the inlay sits inside the tooth. A dental onlay, much like a dental crown, sits on top of the tooth, covering the surface and protecting the tooth from wear. 

Inlays and onlays are not the only services that Walding and Associates can provide for cosmetic or functional goals. They offer a variety of services including: 

Schedule an appointment to discuss dental inlays and onlays for your dental health. Whether you want to brighten your smile or live free of pain, Walding and Associates can help. Located in South Lakeland on Florida Avenue and Polk Parkway for those in Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry and surrounding areas. 

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