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lakeland dentistsOral health is so important to your overall wellbeing. The health of your mouth often points out to how healthy the rest of your body is. While brushing, flossing and other typical teeth cleaning methods are important for you to follow, the Lakeland dentists at Walding and Associates is able to provide you with so much more than this. From general cleanings to identifying problems with  your gums or mouth in general, your local dentist is an important resource you need to take advantage of. There are far too many times where dentists have identified potential health concerns a person is suffering from by simply seeing issues inside of their mouth that you can’t afford not to visit your local dentist. With so many health benefits, there is nothing to lose.

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. It is one of the first things people notice about ourselves. However, beyond that, most people want to live a healthy, productive life as well. With the help of your local Lakeland dentists, this is all possible. From the first appointment, you will notice the difference in our dental office, and you’ll feel the difference inside of your mouth as well. That way, you can smile with confidence knowing your teeth are as healthy as ever, plus you can rest assured that your overall health is outstanding as well. With your Lakeland dentists you always have the very best. With Trey Walding, D.M.D. and Anthony Travagliato you have the very best local dentists in Lakeland.

We are located on Florida Avenue near the Polk Parkway in South Lakeland for those in Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow and surrounding areas.

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