Periodontics In Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow, Winter Haven & Surrounding Areas

PeriodonticsEveryone has visited a dentist at some point or another. In most cases, a dentist will check your teeth, your gums, and administer any treatment that you require in office without the aid of a specialist. In some cases however, it becomes necessary for an individual to seek the help of a periodontist. Periodontics is the study and treatment of the structures that support and surround teeth. This means the root systems, the gum systems, and any other support features that help keep your teeth in your mouth. In most cases, periodontics is something that most people will not come across. 

In other cases where gum disease is present, it may become necessary to talk to a dentist that specializes in periodontics. This type of dentist can generally handle treatment of gum disease, strengthening of the gums and even dental implant surgery. In most cases, patients will need to be referred to someone that specializes in periodontics in order to seek treatment. This is because a periodonitist is a specialist and does not practice on general cases. When it comes to seeking the help of a dentist that specializes in periodontics, Walding and Associates are the Lakeland experts in treating as gum disease and gum damage which can result in tooth loss and other serious dental issues. We proudly serve those in Lakeland, Mulberry, Bartow, Winter Haven and surrounding central Florida areas. 

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