Root Canal For Those In Lakeland, Mulberry & Bartow

Root CanalMany people associate root canals with pain and suffering as well as expensive costs. This is understandable if you know little about the procedure and what it involves. At Walding & Associates, a qualified family dentist can answer any questions you may have about root canal treatments and put your mind at ease.

Advanced dentistry has made root canal procedures much less complicated than in the past. Most patients go through the treatment with little discomfort or pain. A root canal involves removing the nerve of a damaged or infected tooth to alleviate pain. This is done in order to save the tooth so you can continue to benefit from its use.

An evaluation by an experienced family dentist at Walding & Associates can determine just what kind of dental treatment you need. If you are experiencing symptoms such as pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot and cold substances and swollen gums around an infected tooth, you may require root canal treatment. After an examination, your family dentist can help guide you to the right dental treatment to suit your need.

At Walding & Associates, you can benefit from a number of dental treatments to include:

A visit to our Lakeland, dental office will alleviate any doubts and fears you may have concerning root canal or other dental treatments. Our family dentist and staff look forward to meeting your professional dental needs. Contact us to make an appointment or learn more about our dental services. We are proud to be located in South Lakeland serving those in Lakeland, Bartow, Mulberry and surrounding communities.

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